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There are true-life adventures you can join in Ecuador’s rainforest to learn first-hand about exotic toads, tree frogs, pit vipers, and almost any imaginable species of amphibian or reptile.

FIESTA: Finding the Best in The Southern Americas

Notes from a Patagonian Farm
The Torugart Pass between China and Kyrgyzstan has been problematic due to historic tensions between China and the old USSR, but making the trip as a foreigner is worth it for a chance to see parts of China and Central Asia that few people can even imagine.

ECUADOR: TREN CRUCERO New to the World’s Great Train Journeys
A newcomer has found its way into the international pantheon of great train journeys. This is Ecuador's Tren Crucero and its four-day/three-night train journey along the route of volcanoes.

MANAUS: Gateway to Brazil’s Rainforest
Located in the Amazon rainforest where the Amazon River and the Rio Negro rivers meet, Manaus once was the center of the rubber boom in the 1800s and 1900s. Almost inaccessible in the early days, it now is a target destination for those who have “been there, done that”.

Rainforest Reflections: Where the Amazon Meets Rio Negro
Noted author Joan Schweighardt and her family spend eight days exploring the side waters of the great Amazon River.

ECUADOR: Saving the Huaorani Rainforest
Today, the isolated Huaorani tribe of Ecuador is threatened by global oil interests. Your visit can help them preserve the lifestyle they have enjoyed for thousands of years.

The reward of seeing Machu Picchu was immense, but we realized to our own surprise that it was secondary to the pride gained from climbing over mountains to reach it.

As people worldwide mark the change of seasons, unique ways to explore spiritual Peru are by llama trek and consultation with a rainforest shaman.

LAKE TITICACA: The Sacred Waters of the Incas
I lay back in the welcoming bow of the boat and allowed myself to be gently swayed by the blue waters of Lake Titicaca in Southern Peru, the spectacular setting for the birthplace of the mighty Inca civilization

NICARAGUA: Discovering San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua is a small, sleepy coastal town perched at the foot of some low hills on a nice, half-moon shaped harbor. It is a typical seaside town whose main livelihood is from tourists, surfers and sport fishermen.

"Llama Trekking: Peru's Sacred Valley of the Incas"
The Lares Valley is a less-traveled path through the Sacred Valley. To make the trek with the camel-like beasts of burden of the Incas is to follow in the steps of a great civilization.

"Socialist Dreams and Beauty Queens: A Couchsurfer's Memoir" is Jamie Maslin's account of his odyssey to South America's perplexing, oil-rich republic of Venezuela. This is an introduction to his adventure and an intimation as to why you might wish to follow him.

Buenos Aires authorities turn a blind eye to street art graffiti. As a result, some of the best artists in the world arrive and spread their influences and styles. There’s even street art and stencils on the stonework of historic churches, banks and stately old town-houses.

BRAZIL: Paraty, A City Named, “For You”
When spoken in Portuguese, Paraty sounds like "para ti", which means "for you", and that is exactly the idea and the atmosphere of the city, a place to be enjoyed for its quiet pace, its history and its marvelous beaches and natural attractions.

Threads Of Peru
Threads of Peru, a nongovernmental organization, offers volunteer vacations to visit remote mountain communities of indigenous Andean weavers to learn about the aesthetic and cultural significance of Andean textile traditions. Side trips to Lake Titicaca are available.

Cartagena, Colombia: The Enduring Jewel
Cartagena, as much a Caribbean port as it is the jewel of the South American country of Colombia, has known a turbulent history that includes sixteenth century pirates, independence revolutions from Spain and brushes with drug cartels. These days it can be more accurately described as: ‘safe’, 'nostalgic', 'charming' and 'romantic'.

Santiago de Chile: Before the Quake:
On February 27, 2010 Santiago, the capital of Chile was the victim of a major earthquake. The damage was severe. In the days that followed, the iconic words, "Fuerza Chile" ("Be Strong Chile") became the determined slogan for all Chilenos. In the spirit of rapid recovery, we recall for our readers what this remarkable city was before the quake and soon will be again.

Exploring Chile’s Patagonia:
At the southernmost tip of South America, Chile’s region of Patagonia remains one of the pristine unspoiled areas on the planet. It is a land of glaciers and incredible vistas that include the Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most beautiful nature preserves on earth. Romar Traveler revisits this special destination and brings you an update.

Exploring Chile’s Glaciers and Fjords:
Snow-capped mountains, glaciers, vast virginal panoramas, salmon-filled waters--no, not Norway, not Alaska, not Scotland. All of these exist below the equator in southern Chile, together with that region's own unique attractions. Romar Traveler brings you an update of cruising Chile's inland waterways to explore its ice fields.

Crossing the Altiplano: Chile to Bolivia:
The Bolivian Altiplano is the highest plateau in the world. By far the easiest way to cross the Altiplano is to take one of the many famed three-day jeep tours starting from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, the driest place on the planet, crossing the Salar de Uyuni, the saltiest place anywhere, and ending at Uyuni in Bolivia.

Biking The Inca Highway
Bike Dreams, leads a group of adventurous bicyclists on The Andes Trail, a challenging tour along El Camino Inca, the extended original Inca road system that connected the regions of empire from the northern provincial capital in Quito, Ecuador past the modern city of Mendoza, Argentina. It will be a ride of 11,000 fascinating kilometers (6,875 miles ) along, through and over the longest mountain range in the world.

Crossing Bolivia's Altiplano
Lying at an elevation of 4000 meters and covering 10% of the country, the Bolivian Altiplano is the highest plateau in the world.

Gold, Rum And Calypso: El Callao, Venezuela
Once every year, an undistinguished backwater mining town explodes with all the color, music and merriment of the wildest carnival in Venezuela.

Stoves For The Incas
In a small but significant way, a dedicated student volunteer brings cooking improvements to help indigenous Quechuan communities in Peru in their centuries-old struggle to persevere

"Mi Buenos Aires Querido"
The many unique neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are the elements that give color and flare to this exciting city.

Santigo, Chile: A Rare City In A Troubled World
Santiago, Chile, is a rare find in this day and age. It is an inviting, thoroughly modern city whose citizens exhibit a natural old-world charm and courtesy. It is a country where elders are revered and gentlemen still tip their hats to ladies.

Kapawi: The Outter Limits Of Soft Adventure
Ecuador's rainforest still offers the real thing: former headhunters, magical shamans, "chicha" beverages made from masticated and fermented yucca roots, blowgun practice, rainforest treks, tropical-bird-watching and lots more for the reformed couch potato.

Venzuela From Angel Falls To Angel Fish
The first doorway to European colonization of South America, Venezuela offers today's ecotourist a rich choice of soft adventures

Chile: Cruising In The Wake Of Magellan...
Snow-capped mountains, glaciers, vast virginal panoramas, salmon-filled waters--no, not Norway, not Alaska, not Scotland. All of these exist below the equator in southern Chile, together with that region's own unique attractions.

Machu Picchu: Enduring Treasure Or MacPicchu
The exact nature of all the structures in Machu Picchu is still unknown, but the citadel is just on the border of the cold highlands and the warmer rainforest. It is thought to have been an important religious center and a place of retreat for the emperor from the colder climate of Cusco and the demands of empire.

Kapawi Ecolodge
NOT Ecuador's "Surviving Amazon..."

Galapagos 2001
Adam and Eve and Charles Darwin never had it so good. M/V Galapagos Explorer II makes exploration of this corner of Eden an experience fit for royalty.

Exploring Peru's Manu Forest Reserve
Peru's Manu National Park, since 1997 a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, is just one of this South American country's treasures. Thanks to the variety and rarity of its ecosystems and their scientific interest, Manu is considered to be one of the most significant parks in the world. Its Reserved Zone is now open to visitors.

The Rainforest Of Bolivia
"So you sometimes feel like getting away from it all--as far away as you can get--maybe to a jungle somewhere!"

The Best Of Patagonia
"There lives the blue mother-of-blue; blue's secret, blue solitude; blue'saerie, lapis lazuli blue; the blue spine of my country."

South America: It's Time To Rediscover It!
"...Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo... and Buenos Aires... Each is a sophisticated, vibrant and remarkable world-class metropolis with its own soul and personality."

Guyana: An Undiscovered Eden
You've done the Caribbean resorts, you've been to Europe. Now you're looking for a really unspoiled destination where you can get close to nature in a place that hasn't been hyped, paved over and glitzed up. Try Guyana.

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