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The many healing modalities at the "Viva Mexico!" festivities at Rancho Las Golondrinas in the state of New Mexico offer the open-minded traveler an opportunity to try treatments not available in the average doctor's office.

Through her eyes as a trained architect, Barbara Frears captured the spirit of her beloved City of Bath, England in meticulous pen and ink sketches she sent to her friends every Christmas.

Undiscovered New York: The Finger Lakes Region
One of the secrets hidden in New York State is the Finger Lakes Region. It is considered by many New Yorkers to be the true playground of the state.

A Visit to: L’Ouest Américain
Six French friends fly across the Atlantic to visit L'Oueste Americain and share some of their photos and impressions of their journey to the American West...

The Institute of American Indian Studies
A small gem of a museum you can visit in the rural and picturesque New England town of Washington, Connecticut, formerly the heart of Indian country. It’s all about Native-Americans.

THE GREAT DIVIDE: Bicycling Across the U.S. North to South
If you have ever wanted to bicycle across the U.S., East Coast to West Coast, here’s a shorter but challenging way to do it: North to South along the Continental Divide.

MOAB, UTAH: Red Rock Wonders by Land, Water and Air
The Moab region of the state of Utah opens doors to several National Parks and provides fun-for-all ages activities for visitors to these spectacular vistas in the northwestern United States.

Jasper National Park is one of Canada's most spectacular national parks, with prehistoric Icefields, perpetually snow-capped mountains, colorful icy rivers, thundering waterfalls and endless forests of fir, pine and spruce.

"Connecting With Wolves"
Howl with wild wolves and meet several of them up close at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York.

"Where The Giant Things Are: Visiting With Whales"
An up close encounter with whales aboard a small ship, zodiac or kayak is "one of the most incredible wildlife experiences of a lifetime.

Snapshots of New England

Presented in Three Photo Essays




Weekend in Manhattan: Through the Lenses of French Photographer Pascal Mary
For a humble Frenchman, walking the streets of Manhattan is like walking through the soundstages of a real cinema studio. Everything reminds you of a movie or television series.

Green Corn Powwow:
Connecticut's Native-Americans Mark the Season
Autumn and the ripening of green corn is a time for Native-Americans of the northeastern U.S. to celebrate. It's the Green Corn Powwow!

An epic journey to connect America's wild places
Environmental activist John Davis is paddling, biking, hiking and even skiing the 6,000 miles from Key Largo, Florida to Gaspé Peninsula in Québec to bring awareness of the need to protect the vanishing wild places of the East Coast of the United States.

Whitewater Rafting the Grand Canyon
Rafting down the mighty Colorado River as it cuts through the Grand Canyon is a unique way to experience America's premier geologic wonder.

Vicksburg Is The Key
The pivotal city of Vicksburg in the southern state of Mississippi is key to understanding the American Civil War that took place 150 years ago. It also is a great place to visit during the sesquicentennial commemoration of that formative event.

Racing With The Wind
Late in the 19th century, commercial schooners sailed the New England coast of the United States. One that has been rebuilt to classic standards for modern day vacationers is the schooner American Eagle.

Route 66: The Mojave Experience
Today, Route 66 through California's Mojave Desert is an historic destination for travelers who wish to recapture the essence of the "real America" as it was in the early to mid 20th century.

Eagle Island, Georgia:
It’s a 15-minute boat ride from the Port of Darien, Georgia on the East Coast of the United States to privately owned, unspoiled, Eagle Island, now offering an escape to the ecotourist along with a touch of American history.

Los Angeles Graffiti
Ever since there were cities, the impulse has existed to use city walls as a way for the disenfranchised to shout, “I exist”, to express personal or civic anger and rebellion or simply as a form of artistic self-expression that has ranged from the banal to the near sublime? At the very least graffiti says something about the collective unconscious and character of the city that contains it. This is how they do it in Los Angeles, California..

Mesa Verde National Park
From the observation station at MesaVerde National Park in the state of Colorado, the first sighting of multi-storied cliff dwellings built by the ancient Pueblo Indians is almost overwhelming.

Maine's Monhegan Island
Born eons ago in North America during the ice age, there is a picturesque island off the coast of Maine whose deep-water coves teem with a variety of fish including the lobster for which this New England state is famed. Native American Indians called the island Monchiggan, the Algonquin Nation word for "out to sea island". With a fascinating history, this secluded island has managed to remain off the beaten track, perhaps one reason why it became a favored summer place for artists in the 19th century and remains so today.

MEXICO: Day OF The Dead
Romar Traveler revisits Mexico at a time of year when, with great joy and reverence, Mexicans observe an ancient festival that reminds us all of ends and beginnings: the cycle of life.

Call of the Wild (At 60 m.p.h.)
Actually, the speed limit is 30 m.p.h. for snowmobiles in the Kennebec Valley of western Maine. This state in northernmost New England on the Atlantic Coast of the United States has an astounding 13,000 miles of snowmobile trails twisting and winding through its once pristine forests.

Salem's Legacy:
Best known today for an aberrant blip in its long history--six months of witch hysteria in 1692--Salem, Massachusetts' true legacy lies not in witchcraft but in its golden decades of commercial ascendancy resulting from its enormously prosperous maritime trade with the Orient.

Glacier National Park: Montana's Jewel In The Crown
Glacier National Park in Montana is Nature at her most dramatic, with plunging valleys, sparkling waters, towering mountains and an unparalleled haven for the wildlife of the northern United States. Today, historic hotels and inns and the National Park Service make it an easy and comfortable place to visit.

Maine Rafting: White Water To White Wine
Whitewater opportunities in the American northeastern state of Maine range from teeth-clenching rafting over churning rapids on Class V rivers to overnight stays in elegant inns complete with gourmet meals, choice of wines and chocolates-on-the-pillow service.

Canada’s Wanuskewin Heritage Park
Saskatoon City's Wanuskewin Heritage Park, located in Canada's central province of Saskatchewan, celebrates the indigenous cultures of North America's great plains. It is "Dances With Wolves" country.

Equestrian Mexico
Rancho Las Cascadas combines Swiss attention to detail with Mexican exuberance and color to offer its international guests impressions of the real Mexico and the spectacular Mexican highlands as experienced from horseback.

Maine Schoonering On The Stephen Taber
The coastal schooner Stephen Taber sails the ruggedly handsome coastline of Maine. She represents an unbroken link with the golden Age of Sail as it was along the northeastern shores of the United States, and today she offers an authentic glimpse of life during those times to adventurous travelers and would-be sailors.

Québec City: Fire And Ice
Every January and February in Québec City, Canada fires up one of the world's biggest winter carnivals. A highlight is the Hotel de Glace, the Ice Hotel, a unique resort constructed entirely of ice. The theme for the fifty-first edition of Québec's Winter Carnival is 'Fire and Ice'.

San Luis Potosí, Mexico
San Luis Potosí may be the least well known of the legendary silver cities in Mexico's highlands. Once its silver mines were among the most important sources of that prized metal. Today San Luis Potosí thrives as a center of industry, but at the same time its rich past has been carefully preserved in its historic center and its folk traditions. It is well worth a visit.

San Miguel de Allende
Not just another sleepy Mexican village...

Exploring The San Juan And Gulf Islands
A seascape of towering firs and rocky outcrops against a backdrop of snowy mountain peaks and sun-streaked seas beckon travelers to the San Juan and Gulf Islands on the Northwest Coast of the United States.

San Antonio, TX, Bienvenidos
San Antonio, Texas is a large, sophisticated city with an easy-going life style, and a festive spirit. San Antonio's heritage combines all that is Texas, the South West and Mexico and comes out with its own original personality.

Montana's Mountain Sky Guest Ranch
Bozeman Airport is the first glimpse many travelers will see of the Big Sky State on their way to the upscale Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, and it is an eye opener.

Autumn In New England
Part I: The Inns of Connecticut at Thanksgiving Time

Autumn In New England
Part II: The Quiet Corner

Biking The Whites In Autumn
New Hampshire's White Mountains will show you New England's autumn at its best when experienced on a bicycle or on a hiking trail.

Virginia Beach
Situated between ocean and pine forest, Virginia Beach's attractions are for anyone looking for relaxation as well as eco-adventures.

Grand Ladies Of The River
Mark Twain's love for the Mississippi River lasted all his life, and he noted, "When I was a boy, there was one permanent ambition among my comrades in our village on the west bank of the Mississippi River. That was, to be a steamboatman."

Yankee Pedaling
Some of the world's best cycling is right here at your front door, America.

Explorean Resort:
Soft Adventure and Mayan Ruins

Fiesta In Baja
Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos hotel is one of the latest properties to open in Baja California's trendy Los Cabos.

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