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IRAN / SHIRAZ: A Rendezvous with Ancient Persian Kings and Poets
Visiting the ancient city of Shiraz in Iran is a rendezvous with ancient Persian Kings and poets memorialized as national and world treasures.

The Highlands of Saudi Arabia
As a westerner preparing for a trip to a remote corner of Saudi Arabia I wondered how I would be treated in this land ruled exclusively by men since 3,000 BC?

AMMAN, JORDAN: Paris Circle Reflections of a Western Woman in a Public Park in Jordan
Some Western women traveling to the Middle East alone leave distressed by the sexual predation they encounter . It takes a certain kind of woman to put up with the negativity and remember the beautiful things to be found there, even if they are as simple as sharing a smile with a woman in a burqa.

Esfahan: Iran
Once the glittering capital of ancient Persia, Esfahan is now a sprawling city containing some of Islam’s most glorious architecture as well as buildings marred by anti-Western graffiti. Incongruously, many of its citizens openly welcome tourism and attest to their admiration of Western life styles.

OMAN: 5 Days In Oman
My visit was a short one to Oman on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula-- only five days--so I decided to stay around Muscat, the capital, do a little sailing, experience an off-the-road excursion to the mountains and to be pampered in a spa or two!

Touring Jordan With The Bedu
In a troubled Middle East, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan remains a stable and peaceful haven. In the face of a great influx of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, the population of Jordan remains largely Bedouin to this day. What better way to explore this fascinating little country rich in history than with 'Bedu' guides to show you the way?

Travel, Trial And Tribulation In Tehran
Though Iran's global image has been taking a beating for nearly three decades, informed and intrepid travelers still find the country and its people a gem to a visit.

In The Footsteps Of Lawrence Of Arabia: Imprints Of Wadi Rum, Jordan
In a time of unrest in the Middle East, Jordan's Wadi Rum is an area with a dramatic history as well as a place of unparalleled desert beauty in which to find quiet escape.

Dubai's Al Maha Resort
Dubai, one of seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is breaking new ground in the modernization of the Arab world. Of special note to tourism is the unique upscale Al Maha Desert Resort.

Dubai Embracing Its Future, Preserving Its Past
With astonishing energy and commitment, Dubai has leapt into the 21st century, embracing Western ways without turning its back on its own proud culture. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan added this caveat "A country that knows not its past has neither present nor future."

Georgia: Road To Europe
Natalia Motili, a native of Moldova gives her travel impressions of the Republic of Georgia, formerly a part of th USSR. Ms Motili tells it like it is.

Turkish Jeep Safari
The Mediterranean region of Turkey is a true eye opener--gorgeous scenery, interesting natural attractions and friendly locals--and the best way to see all this region has to offer is by joining a jeep safari.

Across The Negev To Ancient Petra
"Imagine camel caravans, one long chain of undulating movement against the stark expanse of sand, ochre hills and endless blue sky of the Negev desert..."

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