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Toss the guidebooks if you want quality viewings of Costa Rica's wildlife. To observe the best of the country's exotic wildlife you really have to go where humans don't usually venture.

Aspects of Cuba
Photographer and world traveler Linda Quinet records a few of her impressions of Cuba 2013 as gathered during her trip there from her home in France.

Mayan Mexico Still Lives
They were once a powerful entity in Mexico. Now all that remains of the once dominant culture of the Maya are the ruins of their cities and the still thriving communities of their descendants.

Bocas del Toro, Panama In the spirit of giving back, 'Floating Doctor" volunteers bring medical aid to the world's most remote communities, many of which are only accessible by boat.

COCOS ISLAND: Costa Rica's Underwater Serengeti
Cocos Island's abundant marine wildlife has made its waters a magnet for scientists and SCUBA enthusiasts, who rank the waters as one of planet's top ten diving spots.

Meeting MAXIMON in Guatemala
Maximon, a tribal deity of the people of Lake Atitlán offers hope to people who have done band things because he himself is a sinner and is able to forgive.

Islas Secas: Castaway Off the Coast of Panama
Islas Secas, a privately owned archipelago of 16 small islands located in the Gulf of Chiriqui off Panama's Pacific Coast, provides a total island escape--amenities included--for the adventurous beachcomber.

HOLGUÍN: Cuba’s Newest Winter Playground
With lush mountains, fertile farmlands and inviting white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise waters, the Holguín region of Cuba draw international visitors to what has been developed into one of the country's prime tourist destinations.

Bequia: Party At The End Of The World
The Island of Bequia in the southern Caribbean remains mercifully remote and unspoiled; but the Bequians really know how to put on a weekly bash that catches international attention.

Havana 2006
This is Havana, pearl of the Spanish empire, melting pot of cultures, world hub of forbidden pleasures in the first half of the 20th century and face of Soviet totalitarianism in the second half--now embarked on a solitary voyage into the 21st century.

Coppola's Belize
Acclaimed motion picture director, writer and producer Francis Ford Coppola adopted Belize in 1981. He shares his love for this young Central American country with anyone who wishes to visit his two splendid resorts there.

Belize: The Less-Traveled Corners
An expert assesses tourism in Belize and its less-traveled places, and we add our own comments about several outstanding resorts..

Dominican Republic: The Spanish Island
Not far from the tip of the Florida coast, surrounded by Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and sharing the largest piece of the island of Hispaniola with Haiti is the Dominican Republic, a surprise and delight for the growing number of travelers who are beginning to discover it.

Coppola's Mundo Maya
Acclaimed motion picture director, writer and producer Francis Ford Coppola's new La Lancha Lodge near the great Mayan citadel of Tikal adds a new link to the concept of Mundo Maya, the World of the Maya, and makes it comfortably accessible to the dedicated tourist.

Nicaragua: It's A New Destination
Nicaragua counts the development of sustainable tourism as one of its primary national objectives, and, indeed, the country has a great deal to of interest to share with travelers.

Guatemala of Central America's most interesting destinations and a direct link with the past...

Jamaica's Serene Port Antonio
It has cool mountains, cool waterfalls and cool rivers for bamboo rafting, plus warm beaches, warm ocean and a less frenetic ambiance.

Britannia Rules The Waves Again... (BVI)
The British Virgin Islands, once the domain of pirates and privateers, now the playground of luxury charter yachts, still retain their unmistakably English character.

Grand Cayman: It's A Special Carribean Island
Once known as the Tortugas and strongholds for 18th century pirates, the Caymans have become a 21st century stronghold for discriminating tourism that prefers an upscale ambiance to island glitz.

"The word "Panama" alone has the power to bring alive visions of Humphrey Bogart plotting with Sidney Greenstreet behind shuttered windows over contraband cargo while overhead ceiling fans spin and whir through the sultry tropical night."

Sea Cloud: The Ship Is The Destination
"That 19th century sea chantey that begins, "The anchor heaves, the ship swings free, the sails swell full. To sea, to sea!" could have been composed for the 1931 launching of Sea Cloud..."

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