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FIJI: Finding the Real Blue Lagoon
With the opportunity to travel to Fiji, writer Adam Jacot de Boinod was granted more than just a holiday. There are over 300 tropical islands across Fiji, and the mountain ranges are green-topped, the waters crystalline, the sand truly white.

KARIJINI National Park: Western Australia
Karijini National Park, 900 miles north of Perth, will provide a magnificent walking adventure in a place of untamed nature and 2,500-million-year-old rock formations.

PAPUA New Guinea: At the Sing Sing
Papuans, often at war with each other, get together for a two-day singing and dancing orgy at the base of Mount Hagen for their annual Cultural Show, known here as the "Sing Sing"

NEW ZEALAND: South island After the Big One
The people of New Zealand recover rapidly after the major earthquake of February 2011, and the outstanding natural beauty of New Zealand remains virtually unblemished

The Bungee Jumpers of Vanuatu
Noted filmmaker Kevin Freeny's short film captures the original Bungee jumpers of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

VANUATU: An Exotic Island Republic in the South Pacific
Home of headhunters and cannibals no longer, Vanuatu lies between Fiji and Papua New Guinea, about 1300 miles from the eastern coast of Australia.

Aranui 3: Freighter To Paradise
Tahiti-based Aranui 3 carries freight and 200 passengers in cruise-line comfort to the remote Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific.

Tales from The Australian Outback
Young adventurers from the northern hemisphere tackle
the Kimberley, one of the southern continent of
Australia's most remote corners.

Heron Island: Australia's Ecotourism Destination
Heron Island, a tiny cay off Australia's northeast coast is at once an elegant and secluded resort and an important center for biological research on the health of the spectacular 1,250-mile-long Great Barrier Reef.

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