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Xi’an Revisited - China’s Richest Archaeological Area
Now an important cultural, industrial and educational center, Xi'an is considered to be China’s richest archaeological area and the site of the terra-cotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi..

Xi’an Revisited - China’s Richest Archaeological Area
Now an important cultural, industrial and educational center, Xi'an is considered to be China’s richest archaeological area and the site of the terra-cotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi..

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TSUBOSAKADERA: The Big Buddhas of Japan
The Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage encompasses thirty-three Buddhist temples in the Kansai region of Japan. Tsubosakadera is dedicated to Kannon or Guan-yin, known throughout the world as the Goddess of Mercy.

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DAGESTAN: The Dangerous Beauty of This Russian Republic
It’s not safe for independent tourism yet, but this troubled and remote country is an incredible destination.

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The MACHKUND TEMPLE and Other Marvels of Dholpur
Dholpur is an often overlooked gem located midway along the much traveled tourist trail from Agra to Gwalior. With a little pre-planning, available accommodations alone are worth the stop. They will make a Maharaja of you.

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CROSSING THE UNCROSSABLE: The Torugart Pass Between China and Kyrgyzstan
The Torugart Pass between China and Kyrgyzstan has been problematic due to historic tensions between China and the old USSR, but making the trip as a foreigner is worth it for a chance to see parts of China and Central Asia that few people can even imagine.

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HIKING IN THE LAND OF YAMABUSHI: A Journey to Mount Daigo, Japan
A day hike from Kyoto is the Mt. Daigo and the Shingon-Daigo Buddhist temple complex, an ancient pilgrimage site and training ground for present day yamabushi: mountain ascetics who practice The Way of Acquiring Spiritual Power.

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THE MALDIVES ISLANDS: An Escape to the Indian Ocean
Off the coast of India, Maldives is one of those earthly paradises fast vanishing under the rising waters of a changing climate. So, if you haven't yet, try and make a visit to this unbelievable place before it's all as blue as the Indian Ocean

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Mountain Biking in Sri Lanka
Iain Mackay is a Scottish mountain biker and mountaineer who now lives in Sri Lanka and enjoys getting lost as much as possible.

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CROSSING KHARDUNG LA: World’s Highest Motorable Road
A two-week motorcycle ride in India, covering close to 3,000 km, taking you over altitudes from 600 ft. above sea level to 18,380 ft., the Ladakh run is epic in its scale.

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Snorkeling, hiking, sea kayaking, diving, sailing and simply relaxing are the main activities to enjoy for visitors to the pristine islands of Ang Thong Marine Park.

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Exploring MYANMAR by LongTail, Trishaw and Tuk-Tuk
World travelers multi-media provider Paul Ross and his wife explore a Myanmar (Burma) only recently welcoming tourism. They do so by employing a variety of vehicles that are not your average tour bus.

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The Dao of Being Jewish: LESSONS from CHINA
Does the idea of Chinese Jews sound like an anachronism? The author came to Kaifeng in the Henan Province of China in search of a Jewish story and what she found was much more than she could have anticipated.

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Writer and lecturer Judith Fein and photographer Paul Ross learn about finding inner peace in Myanmar (Burma), a fascinating land just now coming out from the shadows of political oppression.

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Houseboating in the Vail of Kashmir
The Nagen and Dal Lakes of Srinagar in the Vale of Kashmir were once the watering place of the Moghul Emperors of India. Once again luxurious houseboats ply these waters.

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BEIJING: A Night at the Opera
“On stage you don't just see actors, but real warriors, emperors, dragons, demons, courtiers, all chameleons of an impertinent beauty”.

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DAWAIPANI VILLAGE: Tranquility in the Indian Himalayas
'If you would love to find a quaint tranquil place in the hills where nature, people, animals and plantations are brought together harmoniously, then 'Dawaipani Village' has treasures to offer.

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Mount Kailash Circuit: 'Parikrama' for the Adventurous soul
'Parikrama' is a term that describes the circuit around Tibet's Mount Kailash, believed to wash off the sins of a lifetime. It is a unique tour for adventurous travelers.

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Getting to Know Them…
" / Experiencing Village Life in Vietnam
Just an overnight sleeper train ride away from Hanoi and located near the Chinese border town of Lào Cai, Sapa is one of Vietnam's unspoiled treasures.

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THE INDIAN FESTIVAL OF HOLI: A Joyous Celebration of Life
Photographer Vishal Goyal's remarkable slide show marks the Hindu religious spring festival of HOLI, also called The Festival of Color, celebrating the joy of life.

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A Vietnam experience should encompass both north and south. Here are impressions collected during a three-week tour with a group of five who said "yes" to whatever the guide proposed

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Welcome to MYTHO CITY, Vietnam
MyTho City, is the real Vietnam. There are few Westerners here unlike the popular tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City.

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The Durbar Squares of Nepal
Nepal breathes heritage and lives history. It is a treasure trove of architectural marvels beginning with its three most famous durbar squares.

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A SPECIAL FILM SHOWING "Where The Wild Pandas Are"
Noted nature film maker Kevin Freeny joins a very special tour that begins in the city of Xi'an and continues to visit the wild Giant Pandas of China's Foping Nature Preserve.


Barbara's Vision of Bath YUNNAN PROVINCE
Lijiang, the best preserved ancient town in China is located in Yunnan Province, and its old town has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. It is home to the Naxi people who preserve the world's only living pictograph language.

Barbara's Vision of Bath QINGHAI
Qinghai Province, China's "Green Island" is a vast and stunning landscape of majestic Himalayan mountains and endless grasslands populated by nomadic Tibetan farmers.

Barbara's Vision of Bath SICHUAN PROVINCE
Jiuzhaigou National Park containing turquoise lakes, giant Pandas and Tibetan villages is the geological and cultural gem of Sichuan Province, a region appropriately known as "the land of abundance".

Barbara's Vision of Bath SHAANXI PROVINCE
Xi'an City in China's Shanxi Province is considered to be the richest archaeological site in all of China and the location of one of the twentieth century's most spectacular finds, the buried terra-cotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

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MONGOLIA: Six Days in the Gobi Desert
The Gobi Desert has been described as one of the harshest landscapes on the planet.

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KATHMANDU: Freak Street Comes of Age
The hippie allure Freak Street once had has faded. It is now a picturesque Nepalese street, attracting world travelers who seek a more authentic stay in Kathmandu.

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ISTANBUL: Straddling Europe and Asia
Straddling West and East, Istanbul and Turkey are exciting, contradictory and enchanting.

- South Korea Winter -
Bhutan: The Last Untouched Himalayan Kingdom
MBhutan is now a parliamentary democracy. Still largely unblemished by Western ways, the country's well being (Gross National Happiness) has been established by its young king as the as the new standard for measuring GNP..

- South Korea Winter -
Myanmar - Purify The Soul with A Smile
Myanmar is under oppressive rule, but going there, it is good to remember that its government is not the ancient and historic culture or its beautiful, smiling people.

- South Korea Winter -
The Festival of Durga Puja: Good Overcomes Evil in India
Durga Puja is an annual Hindu festival observed in South Asia to celebrate the eternal battle of good over evil. It is the worship of the power of good which always overcomes evil.

- South Korea Winter -
Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Ajanta Caves contain some of the best masterpieces of Buddhist sculpture and painting in India, many dating from the 2nd century B.C.

- South Korea Winter -
Going Too Far: A Cycle Ride from the U.K. to India
Fearless Brit Danny Bent puts his school teacher life on hold and heads out across continents to India on his faithful bicycle.

- South Korea Winter -
KHURI VILLAGE / Rajasthan, India
Khuri is a village, surrounded by desert hills, in the Sikar district in Rajastan. It is located 40km southwest from the main city in the outskirts of Jaisalmer. Khuri is away from the masses of tourists, and away from the active touts trying to sell fancy camel safaris. Khuri gives opportunity to those seeking adventure in the desert with a personal touch..

- South Korea Winter -
THE HORNBILL FESTIVAL: Opening Doors to Nagaland
A remote corner of India, little known to the outside world, is opening to inspection by adventurous travelers during its annual Hornbill Festival.

- South Korea Winter -
NORTHERN LAOS: Blessed and Untamed
The road north from Vientiane to the royal city of Luang Prabang via the stunning mountains of Vang Vieng touches the true soul of this beautiful and captivating kingdom.

- South Korea Winter -
The cremation ghats of Benares may be the most pervasive impressions as you step into India's Holy City, but they are unavoidably there for you to accept as an unavoidable part of life.

- South Korea Winter -
Winter Season in South Korea
Saunas, Mountain Climbing and Catching Fish by Hand

- South Korea Spring -
Spring Season in South Korea
Cherry Blossoms, Bungee Jumping and Holy Birthdays

- South Korea Summer -
Summer Season in South Korea
Mud Festivals, Live Snacks, Beach Time and Holy Birthdays

- South Korea Fall -
Fall Season in South Korea
Surrealist Cities, Ancient Fortresses and the Fine Art of Fermented Cabbage

- Okinawa -
Khao Yai National Park, only a two-hour drive away from Bangkok, one of the world’s busiest cities, is a startling contrast with its natural habitat containing elephants, bears, tigers, deer and packs of wild dogs. This beautiful park is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site..

- Okinawa -
Trekking Nepal’s Langtang Valley
Three friends spend eight memorable days trekking through the Langtang Valley National Park in Nepal not far from the China border.

- Okinawa -
Trekking Kashmir’s Markha Valley
The author and three hiking companions trek the Markha Valley in the Hemis National Park, south of the Indus Valley, between the Stok Range and Zanskar in India’s Kashmir.

- Okinawa -
Shanghai World Expo: The Transformation of a City
With the fastest growing economy in the world and a tour of the Shanghai World Exposition grounds and surrounding area visitors can conclude that China has graduated from the ranking of a developing economy to that of a fully developed one.

- Okinawa -
Zanskar: Trekking India's Jammu & Kashmir
If you are a recluse you might feel at home in Zanskar, a portion of the Indian districts of Jammu and Kashmir that lies within India's northernmost state of Ladakh. It is cut off from the rest of India by a series of high ridges on the east, west and north and is reached only by a week long trek or a 14-hour drive along a rock strewn and potholed road. Zanskar lies within Kashmir, the territory disputed by India and Pakistan.

- Okinawa -
Living Village Life in India
The words 'Adventure Travel' usually bring to mind white water rafting, elephant rides or helicopter skiing. But there is another kind of adventurous travel that may be more meaningful for avid travelers who happen to be retired.

- Okinawa -
The Slow Life in OKINAWA
The bright night lights and busy work schedules and blaring car horns of urban Okinawa give voice to the industrious lifestyle of its cities, but there is another style of life in Japan’s southernmost island: Okinawa's Slow Life.

- Okinawa -
Closing Out the Year in Okinawa
The end of the old year and the beginning of the new is celebrated around the world by all cultures. For Christians it is a time to celebrate Christmas. Okinawa, the main island of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan has melded the festivities in its own unique way.

- Angkor Wat -
The Adivasi: Visiting India’s Indigenous Tribes
The truly indigenous peoples of India are known collectively as the adivasi, yet relatively few people outside of the province of Orissa have heard about these exotic people of India. They live less than 150 kilometers from tropical Visakhapatnam, a major port city on the east coast of India half. It is the perfect starting point for your journey into the India of old.

- Angkor Wat -
Varanasi: India’s City of Death and Life
Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. The oldness is to be seen in the buildings, temples and statues, but more than that, the smell of oldness is in the streets. It is the city of death and life, of extremes, just like India itself. But at this place the soul of India comes at you more quickly and more intently.

- Angkor Wat -
Special MONGOLIA Issue:
Featuring 3 women who explore Mongolia in 3 unique ways:
• Living With the nomadic herdsmen of the steppes.
• Riding across Russia on the Trans Siberian Express.
• Driving to Mongolia across Europe and Central Asia.

- Angkor Wat -
Fall Season in South Korea:
Surrealist Cities, Ancient Fortresses and the Fine Art of Fermented Cabbage…

- Angkor Wat -
Trekking Thailand’s Rainforest
In the hills and mountains of Thailand thousands of people live traditional tribal lives. At least ten different ethnic groups still practice their ancient livelihoods, animistic religions and sometimes bizarre rituals and practices.

- Angkor Wat -
Romar Traveler's Angkor Wat Issue
• Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s magnificent archaeological park
• Siem Reap, the principal.gateway city to Angkor Wat.

The Food of Chiang Mai: From Market to Table
Long a backpacker haven, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand's largest city, has recently seen a surge of high end travel as luxury resorts have sprouted up in the hills outside of the city.  To serve the interests of guests of these resorts, numerous culinary schools have been established that provide the opportunity to learn to create and appreciate northern Thai cuisine.

North Korea: One way in, One way out
North Korea, the Northern half of the Korean peninsula, is a rarely penetrated communist fortress, totally shielded from the modern world. Stripped of home comforts and under the watchful eye of the secret police, James Hendicott, a long time resident of Seoul, South Korea, enjoys a short, insightful but intimidating glimpse of life on the other side.

East Malaysia: Cat City, Bat Caves and Orang Utans
Sharing the island of Borneo with the Indonesian state of Kalimantan and the sultanate of Brunei, The East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak offer culture, adventure, and ecotourism along with Borneo’s remaining rainforests and wildlife.

Malaysia Celebrates A Divine Birth
Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur is a handsome metropolis with all the trimmings of a 21st century city. It also is the focal point in Malaysia of Thaipusam, a festival celebrating the birthday in the Hindu pantheon of Lord Subramaniam, also known as Muruga, the first-born son of the God Siva.

VIETNAM is becoming a travel hot spot in spite of itself. It has no monuments or cultural sites on the scale of those you will find in Thailand and Cambodia. Ha Lon Bay, is its only major geographic attraction. It's not a place that will dazzle and amaze you. What Vietnam and its people will do is charm you.

Rajasthan: Rural and Regal
In Rajasthan Province, the opulence of the old India of the Maharajahs is in dramatic contrast to the simple existence of the Bishnoi peoples, whose lives have been attuned for millennia to the natural demands of the starkly beautiful but unforgiving desert land in which they live.

INDIA's Hill Stations
For the traveler new to India, a good starting place is in the northern highlands along the border with the Himalayan kingdoms and China. Once the watering places of the British Raj escaping the intense heat of the plains, the hill stations are a cool and pleasant area from which to begin a tour of this fascinating land.

GOA: There's Good News and Bad
Located on the southwest coast of the Indian subcontinent, Goa is a former Portuguese colony that became famous as a hippie hang out in the 60's and 70's and has recently become one of the largest charter tourist destinations in the world.

Sacred Rivers of India – The Ganges
Two photojournalists make an unforgettable pilgrimage along the length of India's two most sacred rivers, recording what they see with the penetrating eye of the camera lens. Their tale is also about the despoiling of these holy waterways by human ignorance and insensitivity.

Sacred Rivers of India – The Yamuna
Two photojournalists continue their unforgettable pilgrimage along the length of India's two most sacred rivers, recording what they see with the penetrating eye of the camera. Their tale is also about the despoiling of these holy waterways by human ignorance and insensitivity.

Kathmandu Today
Kathmandu, the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has held exotic connotations for outsiders all through the ages. These connotations cover an amazingly wide range of fields; be it the landscape, religions, politics or even local handicrafts. Now, even in this once remote corner of Asia, times have changed.

Sri Lanka: After the Tsunami
Devastated by one of nature's most potent forces, Sri Lanka is rebuilding its damaged shores. One of this lovely island nation's most important sources of income is tourism, and its people want you to know that Sri Lanka's most interesting attractions are inland and were not directly affected in any way by the tsunami.

Kerala: Southern India's Eden
India's southernmost state of Kerala is known as "god's own country" to its inhabitants. It's difficult to disagree with that description.

The Forbidden City
No longer forbidden, the fabled home of China's emperors for five centuries is now called the Palace Museum. Its grandeur somewhat diminished, this magnificent city within a city remains a testament to the splendid civilization of ancient China and a contrast to the burgeoning industrial giant around it.

Sri Lanka: A Place Like No Other
Here is a country that is a microcosm of almost everything that can be found in Southeast Asia to interest tourism but without the negative sights that leave some travelers to the region in culture shock.

Xi'an: Home Of China's Clay Army
Xi'an (pronounced She-ahn) in central China, now a fairly modest city by Chinese standards, was the first dynastic capital of China and remained so for more than 1,000 years. Today it is possibly the richest archaeological area in all of China and the site of one of the twentieth century's most spectacular finds, the buried terra-cotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, by some accounts, the most powerful man in the world in his day.

Sabah: A Land Below The Wind
Malaysia is a land that stirs the imagination. On the Island of Borneo, 400 miles from the mainland, is the East Malaysian state of Sabah, known as the gateway to Borneo's wildlife. The reality matches the image, but changes are coming rapidly.

Brunei Darussalam: The Abode Of Peace
One of the last absolute monarchies on Earth, the Sultanate of Brunei is moving with style into the twenty-first century

India's Golden Triangle
There still is a place in the world where you may have to step past a genuine snake charmer and his bobbing hooded cobra as you get out of your taxi to enter your five-star Sheraton Hotel. That place is India, and, in an increasingly homogenized world, it's interesting to note that this country has not lost its exoticism as it acquires the trappings of the computer age.

Southern China's Goat City And Guilin
Old Canton (Guangzhou) has been going about its business and has been associated with trade routes passing through its province for centuries. The origins of Guangzhou in Southern China are not specifically known, but perhaps the fable of its beginnings recounted to every school child tells us something.

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